Glassjaw, Worship and Tribute

Glassjaw, Worship and Tribute


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This second release by the so-called-emo band Glassjaw is not so much a step forward, but it solidifies their established sound, a sound that could only be described as a grim connection between Incubus and At the Drive-In.

Worship and Tribute seems loaded with introspective lyrics, touching on such contemporary issues as war, fashion and teen angst, and more often than not, all within the same song.

The lead singer throws in so many vocal shifts that it gives the listener the impression that he's just gotten bored--perhaps it was the fact that he was strumming the same half dozen power chords for the last 11 songs.

Tracks like "Stuck Pig" and "Two Tabs of Mescaline" are dripping wet with posed masculinity, throwing out occasional screams and growls that seemed comparable to something from the girl rock band, Kittie. And in the end, I was left to wonder if emo had become nothing more than a euphemism for nu-metal.





Well, ben (the review writer) it would seem that maybe you should go put something on from your sisters cd collection and sit back with a can of diet pepsi, because if you actually had an ear for music that is evolving rock and metal you might be able to comment on glassjaw, but until then.....

They are a post-hardcore band...damn...not emo rockers...this is bs...

You're entitled to your opinion (albeit an incredibly shitty one), but the fact that you're a reviewer and did no research on this band really shows you don't deserve an opinion on this band. "Touching on contemporary issues such as war, fashion and teen angst, and more often than not all within the same song." This sums up the song Tip Your Bartender... and that's it. At least you justify it by saying "more often than not within the same song", but at least two of those themes only appear in Tip Your Bartender. Also the singer doesn't play guitar, so how could he be bored playing the same thing? You're entitled to your opinion, just actually do some research so it's even the slightest bit credible next time.