God loves babies

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

It is a sad day for justice and freedom in Canada when the barbarous murder of innocent babies is declared a right, but honestly showing the gruesome act for what it really is, is "going too far."

Abortion rights advocates will some day be seen in the same light as selfish slave owners of the 1800s who dehumanized Africans in order to victimize them. The intellectual dishonesty and tactics are the same today, only the victims are different. The reason many people can't handle the pictures is because they are guilty, guilty, guilty! And they know it, buried deep below their lie callused conscience!

The only remedy for that ailment is repentance and forgiveness from God. But I guess most university educated proaborts are too "enlightened" to believe in Him. The Bible says, God just "sits on His throne and laughs" at such pride. He is amused at the arrogance coming from such tiny pip-squeaks who think they got here without Him and they can go out on their own terms without having to face Him and give an account in the end. Jesus said it best when He said, "they will not come to the light (Him) because their deeds are evil."





Compare this argument with those made by Shahbaz Syed ("So does Science") and Nicole van der Meulen ("Seriously, they're offensive"). Which of the three is inflamatory, unreasonable and incredibly biased? Hmmmm, could it be the pro-life argument? Is there a pattern forming? Calling pro-choicers "sinners" and indicating that the reason many individuals on campus were apalled by the recent pro-life display is because we have guilty consciences does not constitute a reasoned argument. Congratulations, Donald, you've lived up to our expectations. All you pro-lifers: Do yourselves a favour and drop the God argument. While religious beliefs may have influenced your personal choices, calling those with differing values "evil pip-squeaks" isn't winning you any respect or support.