High Five Drive, ...Something Better

High Five Drive, ...Something Better


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Something Better? How about something generic, unoriginal and uninventive.

This album, High Five Drive's first production, is a fine candidate for the first annual "What is wrong with punk-rock today award." I'd already heard this album a thousand times before I even pressed the play button. This punk/emo mixture is not all bad however, some of the tracks on the disc show some promise.

The song "A Relative Matter" is an impressive display of a practiced group with some indications of talent, unfortunately it's the same recycled drivel that is seen throughout this five-track disc. That track is fortunate enough however to not be voiced by the group's secondary vocalist whose tone-deaf effort graces the tragedy that is the album's opener. Despite all these misgivings, HighFive Drive is a band relatively new intheir travels and could be quite effective ifthey can bring something new into their music.





i love the new disc, these guys are wicked musicians and put on a hell of a good live show too. we're honored to play with them as much as we do. they're one of the only bands of that style that are out there all the time doin' what they do. i don't know what genre you guys are and i don't care. you keep playing and i'll be there.
don't let these bastards get you down

The vocalist isn't tone-deaf. It's more like a case of compleate musical and artistic impairment affecting good taste.

Hi there, Brent from High Five Drive here. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give the album a listen. We love to hear anything people have to say even if they think the album is sh!t. Readers, check out our tunes at www.highfivedrive.com and let us know what you think.

Who cares what the critics say! The fans don't think you suck, and they're the ones who buy albums! Oh, I don't think you suck, either.

I don't think the album is quite as generic as you claim it to be. I like the mixture of genres and the boys of high five drive do show lots of talent.

Dead Mr. Critic....
I just wanted to fill out my distaste for you're half assed review. I don't think that High Five Drive is anything "generic". They bring their own blend of punkrock that I don't hear too much in the "punk scene". And if you wanna know what I think is is wrong with punk-rock today is assholes like you're self coming down SO hard on a new band. Sure everyone is intitled to their own opinions but your's seems to be really retarded. If they were to sound like a "blink ripoff" pop-punk band or a "thursday" style emocore band (which we see popping up all the time now) I could agree with you're statement. But to me it seems like these guys are trying to bring something new to the tabel. Something you'll never understand. ASSHOLE.


High Five Drive sucks bag! If they had any common sense they'd smash all the CDs they had made and toss them (along with themselves)over them highest bridge possible. What is wrong with punk today? It's bands like this trying to make people believe that they ARE in fact "punk", thus shoveling another pile of dirt onto the already festering grave of the fore-mentioned "culture". SCREW YOU!!!

Wow, a philosophical debate on what's wrong with the punk scene. If you ask me (and I know no one did), its that the whole scene is divided. There are too many sub-genres of punk now. Skate, emo, emo-core, pop, melodic, grind-core, gutter, surf etc. etc., and fans don't usually like more than one of those genres. Who is to say what punk is anyway? How can you compare Blink-182 to the Sex Pistols? They are both punk bands, right? Its been a great debate amongst the High Five Drivers as to what genre we are. We still don't know. If you don't think we are punk, fine. I don't think we are either, compared to the Insaniacs, or the Calgary band Trauma. All I know is that a lot of our music is fast, and we tend to play shows with other "punk" bands. Let me ask the readers again. Go to our site at http://www.highfivedrive.com, listen to our music, and so can tell us what genre we are....... p.s. sh!t and crap are not genres. :-p

Why does there have to be any genre at all? Why can't music just be enjoyed for what is is..... music. Too many people limit themselves by saying they only like one certain "genre". They are sadly missing out on a great deal of what is out there. Open up your minds people! Let some variety in. High Five Drive is a great band. Watch out for them folks!

The real test of a band's talent is hearing them live. Do these guys have good stage presence? Are they musically tight with each other? Do they handle their instruments well? Are they entertaining? YES!!! (It was nice to see you guys again... I was wearing your shirt the other day, and your sticker is on my guitar case)