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Photo: A matter of choice?

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Christian author, speaker and professor Greg Koukl was in town Fri., Oct. 23, to ask the question ā€œis it intolerant to say Jesus is the only way?ā€ He spoke to staff, students and community members at Mount Royal University about the merit of religious pluralism.





He came to the U of C, too, apparently, but it wasn't advertised at all. I wasn't there to hear him speak, but I assume "merit of religious pluralism" is used tongue-in-cheek?

I attended to the debate on Saturday night and he never mentioned word "Jesus" and only mentioned word "God" when he was asked during Q&A time, not even debate. The title was, "Is there a absolute moral truth?" and nothing to do with the title you mentioned above. Please correct the title.

Gokhan, I believe you are mistaken. "Is it Intolerant to Say Jesus is the Only Way?" was the proper title of Koukl's talk at MRU Fri. Oct. 23. I am not sure what the debate you attended on a Saturday evening was.