SPUN: Hopesfall


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Dear Hopesfall,

What happened? You used to be really good. No Wings To Speak Of and The Satellite Years were awesome both excellent and skillful hardcore albums with melodic breaks and wicked screams.

They had a passion and intensity most bands wish they could match. Unfortunately, A-Types just seems to come up short in every aspect. Maybe it's just you guys are in a whole other ballpark.

You just sound completely different, originality seems to have eluded you on this musical attempt. Every song sounds like it came straight from the latest emo punk rock band on MuchMusic. Some of the slow melodic riffs may be soothing, but are nothing new or unique. A few songs are kind of catchy in a cliched poppy kind of way. With the loss of most of your original members, it seems relatively smart to move in to the more mainstream rock arena. Just make sure you make up for the hardcore and metal fans you'll inevitably lose due to this release, myself included.





Wow... I have to completely agree with you. These guys, with the loss of the original members, have turned into the band that everyone else is. I own their first CD's and I can't stop listening to them. But what really astounds me is how can a band so good become so typical. So if you have any feedback just send me an e-mail at dibrandon7@hotmail.com and we'll stay in touch.

I was dissapointed also at Hopesfall's new release, but face it, most of the old members are gone and this is a new band.

But that doesn't mean that they have moved to the "mainstream rock arena". Even with the vocals, the music is still breath-taking with it's beautiful riffs, and Jay's ace vocals + lyrics still can't be compared to bands on MuchMusic such as Simple Plan.

Give the album a chance and forget about the old Hopesfall, then you'll be able to enjoy A Types, trust me. Check out this link to see what I'm talking about (goes more in detail about the new cd):