Works well with others

Spun: Hugh Dillon

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Works Well With Others has everything listeners need in a day: love, hate, carefree dancing and mellow tracks. Hugh Dillon, who wrote all the songs on Works Well, is clearly a budding lyrical genius. His lyrics offer straight to-the-point stories with just enough artistic flare to make a perfect listening experience.

This album is not musically showy, but modest and entirely catchy. Particularly ear-pleasing is one of the slower tracks on the CD, "Lucky," a tune with a simple, easy going, almost country guitar that helps focus on Dillon's voice and lyrics, which are the true strengths of the album.

The second track, "Sentimental Me," sounds almost identical to the first, "Friends of Mine." This happens throughout the album, the repetitive guitar leading to altogether too similar songs. Dillon redeems himself just in time for "Bottom of A Dream." This, along with a few others, does not have the easy lyrical believability of the rest, offering amateurish emotionality which is hard to listen to. Hopefully this will fade with time as Dillon continues to expand musically, he could easily be the next big thing.





It is quite apparent that the author is an aspiring writer attempting to find her legs. Hugh was the lead singer of 90s band Headstones and now stars in two popular TV shows, Flashpoint and Durham County. He is nominated for 2 Geminis. The cover art here is inccorrect.

It's also quite apparent that "DeeKay" could be an aspiring PR/marketing flack attempting (and failing) to spin the Internet. Pointing out that Hugh Dillon's rep sent out but did not correct a pre-production cover conceptually contradicts the spin that Mr. Dillon is an established musical artist backed by a professional team or label.

Attributing the critic's opinion of Mr. Dillon's individual effort to inexperience, as though his work here should be identical to his work in previous collaborations, is as illogical as making the unsubstantiated claim that Mr Dillon's acting abilities have anything to do with his ability to compose genuinely feeling lyrics.

I hope that "DeeKay" is just some teen girl crushing on/stalking Mr. Dillon, as opposed to being a PR flack or executive from Warner, but the album's seemingly official web page listed on Google (http://www.hughdillon.com/index.php/latest/61-news/132-album-available-oct-13-2009.html) is so poorly maintained that it's difficult to find out just who is responsible for this particular promotional disaster.

Will a real PR/marketing professional for Mr. Dillon please step up?

Right... Because the reviewer somehow decided to invent a cover from scratch using artwork only available from the PR staff, as opposed to not having the omnipotence to know to fix the label rep's mistakes.

If your condescending performance, singular focus on attacking the writer, and complete ignorance of the mostly positive parts of the review are representative of the big label music industry's average level of marketing acumen, then you, singularly, illustrate why the big label music industry is failing. But I'm glad you were able to apply your pedantic winning at the Internet skillz to something other than 4chan.

Sounds like Anonymous Cow Herd is embarrassed that the Gauntlet writer didn't know something as basic as that Hugh Dillon was frontman for the Headstones. Well, ACH should be embarrassed. An artist's work should be taken in the context of what he has created before. That's entertainment writing 101.

The ACH compounded it by coming down on DeeKay like a ton of bricks. Is that what the Gauntlet has come to? Verbally abusing readers who dare to point out that you should have done better? What a shame.

The artist does not get a free ride based on his previous bodies of work, especially if they are substantially different from the present work, and if they were from a relatively long time ago. The entertainment media should rate art, not reputations, as this piece has done.

Perhaps someone needs to go back to suckling on the trite whitewashed and uncritical ramblings of eNow Daily and the like.

Ah, the sensitive woobies come out. :D

I'm fascinated that you keep trying to gloss over the obvious: The writer didn't know who Hugh Dillon is. So, is Dillon on the upswing? Is his musical ability increasing with time? Oh, we don't know that, because this CD has been reviewed in a void.

And speaking of suckling on things trite, have you read the Gauntlet? Just checking. Oh no, wait, you probably write for it. That's why you don't recognize your own massive fail.

Thanks for coming out. Better luck next time, champ.

Awesome. You win for defending Hugh Dillon's record, and for single handedly ensuring that an international music and TV star doesn't get brought down by a single, mostly glowing, review by a backwater student publication.

For your efforts, you are awarded this Official Internet Citation:


and two Internetz.