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A band's involvement in a film usually serves as a warning sign reading in big letters "This band is not good enough to get noticed on their own, so they latched onto this film." Despite this, a curious listener might grab McFly's album Just My Luck, expecting it to be better than the Lindsay Lohan film of same name. They'd be mistaken.

The latest hot-new-thing on the British pop scene, McFly is a boy band masquerading as rockers. They play instruments and cover up their sappy melodramatic songs with adequate guitar and bass stylings, but an extended listen to Just My Luck exposes McFly's charade. Tracks like "Obviously," "Just My Luck," and "Unsaid Things" make the quartet seem as deep as a wading pool and just about as interesting. We get it. You're sad because girls don't get you. The repeated hammering-home of this message completely obliterates the positive aspects of the album, like the relatively restrained tracks "Too Close for Comfort" and "Memory Lane."

Desperately seeking a foothold in the North American market, McFly may need to rethink their strategy: Just My Luck is too much pop for the emo crowd, and can often be too lyrically complex for the pre-teens to which the album seems aimed. Better luck next time, fellas.





I don't agree with you. McFly are all very talented, write their own music and play their own instruments (very good, actually) and it's not for nothing they are one of Britains biggest pop/ROCK acts. You should see them live in concert, you'd know what I mean. And you need to listen to both of their British-released albums with the original versions of the songs from the JML album - they're better. About the movie... McFly are the best thing in it, man! Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine are playing the same ol' "happy ever after" Hollywood crap... Total flop! Thank God there was some good music in it! But hey, that's just my opinion. Like that counts... I guess not. // A Swedish fan

I dont agree with you at all! McFLY are the best band out there! They write and play thier own music. They also do alot for charity which not many other bands do. And as for 'McFly are to much pop for an emo crowd' They are not an emo band they dont want to impress emos! they are a POP/ROCK band NOT emo band! And as for them in Just My Luck they were the best thing about that film, they may not be Hollywood standard actors and they know that, but acting isn't important to them, music is. So i think you need to get your facts straight or stop writing about things/people that you don't know much about. Personaly Ryan Pike i think your jealous.

I don't agree AT ALL. They are very talented. Why aren't you bashing rap, all they ever talk about is intercourse and stuff people don't care about. McFLY is very pleasing anf they are very talented artists. Who cares if their musci may be pop? JSut because you don't like it doesn't mean others don't.

I disagree with you very strongly why are you wasting your time bashing a perfectly fine band instead of bashing the music that actually shouldnt be classified as music such as rap. I suggest you not bash a band unless you actually know the whole story.

How dare you! What makes you think it is ok to just bash this band! Just because their talent surpasses yours and you are jealous does not give you the right to try to turn others off of their music! Everyone has an opinion and thats fine but you need to keep it to yourself when it could possibly prevent people from listening to them and forming their own views. McFLY is wonderful and I guess it's just going to take a little bit of time for some Americans to figure out.

I strongly disagree. I think you should listen to their songs and realize that in every album of every band, they have tracks like that. It's writers like you who only point out the tracks they feel are bad and pick at them. You don't see what is beyond the lyrics and the simple top layer of the tune. However, if you listen to the musical composition, it's better than many bands that are already big in North America. McFLY was offered the role in the film Just My Luck. They accepted it not because they needed the jump start but because it was the opportunity to experience the world of acting and Hollywood. Their album out in North America, Just My Luck, does not do them any justice and to judge their music by that album would be ridiculous. Yes, it does have some of their best and their worst on there and it's only natural that people judge a band by the first song they get their hands on, but as a reporter, you should do your research and go beyond what's in your hands to get the facts. The fact is, McFLY is the biggest pop band in the UK and that's what they classify themselves as. Pop. They worked to get to where they are. If you want to rag on a band "masquerading" as rockers, I suggest you look no further than your very own television. Turn to the channel with the bands that generations today idolize and you'll get an act worse than McFLY. They surpass many of these bands, so to give them a difficult time would be absolutely ridiculous. Their music has more depth to it than you give them credit for.

I also find it terribly tragic that the only article you've written that has even one comment on it is one that insults who is considered to be the top band in the UK. Great job, buddy.

OHMIGAWD McFly is like totally the greatest band to ever happen to anything and i really think their music speaks to girls like me because it's so relevant and they totally have things to say because they're so hott. Ryan Pike, I think you are jealous because you are not as hott or relevant as McFly. I mean, how could you ever hope to be relevant with a name like 'Ryan Pike?' Are you a fish? No. Well maybe you should be because your writing is so bad and you don't pay any attention to all the COLD, HARD FACTS supporting McFly as one of the greatest and TOTALLY HOTT bands of all time. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson once wrote that "McFly is like totally the best band in the ever" this one time? Or howbabout their entry in the Encylopedia Brittanica as "the like totally best band ever to croon a note"? I bet you didnt know that cause your a fish.

Eat fish and die, Ryan Pike.

But then you'd be eating your mother wouldn't you?! OH SNAP.


-Beckky B.

i like everyone disagree with you, you obviously have not researched the banmd, they are amazing and thats all i have to say because your poor review does not warrent much more, i understand you have your own opinion but the first song you mention were from their first album in the uk when they were relatively young! so its a good thing the others are better because as they have matured they have become much more talented! i have nothing more to say to you sir!

OMFGWTFBBQLOL!!!!!!!111one1! Ryan, like, you're such a, like, dummy! Fo'shizzle McFly is awesome! I haven't even listened to their CD, but eight people have whined about your review on the Gauntlet website, so McFly HAS to be awesome! Like, OMGEE! Gee whiz! Golly gee!

You are all wrong. This is GOD telling you you are stupid and McFly eats boners.

Seriously, who needs spam robots when you can get millions of retarded fans to smash everyone who disagrees with them on the Internet. This is why your race is destined to fail.

well by all these comments that have een posted you look stupid dont you?? every one disagresstas jts your opinion- a bad done at that! you have no idea what the hell you are talking about! but oh well you look like a complete arse alreayd without me starting to slag you off i will let all the other fans have their say now ...

as if you know anything about mcfly
try getting your facts straight
mcfly are an amazing band and extremely talented
just because they don't sing really depressing songs about wanting to die dosn't make them crap
x x x

I think you are deaf.
McFly are the best band ever and they deserve to be and stay at no. 1.
Anyone who doesn't like McFly is totally stupid.
Also McFly have had loads of singles and they are extremely talented.

McFly are the best.

From McFly's biggest fan.

Yup, Ryan, I think from all these comments it's very clear just how misguided your review really was. I mean, there's no doubt in my mind that commercial success is the best indicator of talent. Clearly, a band with such a devoted teen fanbase is more talented than you gave them credit for.

The music industry is founded on talent and talent alone, man. There's no such thing as back-room deals, payola for airplay, or entire advertising and promotion teams whose only purpose is to sell a band to young people to naive to know they are the real product. To think you would suggest the music industry would seriously promote a talentless band. I mean, who ever heard of anything so ridiculous? Just look at Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears, or K-Fed for that matter. All are talented artists that wouldn't have gotten anywhere without there fantastic musical ability.

Another thing: musical tastes don't ever change. It's absurd to think that McFly's rabbid teeenage fanbase will ever one day grow up, look back at what they thought they liked, and realize that it was utter shit. That just doesn't happen. Look at me, I still lsiten to Poison and Guns N' Roses, and all the other stuff I thought was cool when I was too young and stupid to know the difference.

Talent is talent, and the level of talent McFly has will always be the level of talent McFly has.

By the way McFly fans, I really admire your dogged determinition. It's obvious you guys really care about what's important. And here I am, worried about the youth of today!

I think you're an idiot for writing all that bull! Do better research mate! Nearly all bands all over the world spread the same message baout not being able to get a partner and they don't claim to be a rock band nor are they trying to focus to emos they simply make music for the fans who support them and At the end of the day YOU make a band, do as well as them, stay as 'down to earth' and do as much for charity as they do. THEN people might start listening to you idle opinion!

Just cos u lot like emo style music dont have a bloody go at them!! they play there own music nd u CAN bloody undersatnd them!! nd plus their good lookin! they've had 5 number 1 single's, 2 number 1 albums and a brit award AND R in the guiness book of records for being youngest band 2 get 2 no 1!! ohh, yer, nd their in a movie! so, if that that aint good, please e-mail me nd tell me what is??

I think it's really telling about the priorities of today's youth that a CD review for a band that's (in the grand scheme of things) a footnote in musical history is getting more attention that most of the rest of the paper, when the rest of the paper probably warrants the attention much more than I do.

But thank you McFly fanboys (and girls) for choosing ME to give all this attention to.

OMG wtf are you talking about, for a start McFly done the film Just My Luck because they were asked. I think you really need to get to know the boys and listen to there music.. you say there not good musicians? You really need to take a look at some of the artists in America.. rappers mostly who rap about Money, Sex, Woman, Cars... whats that about?! DONT SLAG OFF MCFLY!

In my humble opinion, McFly is way better than TETRIX!!! And I mean that as a compliment to TETRIX, amoung other things... Yes, that's right, I said TETRIX! The band that is known worldwide for their no-holds-barred, no-melody, no-production-quality, noise-suck. I even hate http://www.tetrix.ca for being a bad site. It's combination of free MP3s, games and pics is boring and bugs me. I posted it to http://www.worldsworstwebsites.com but they rejected it and also hacked my computer.

Long live Mcfly! I for one hope that they acheive a longevity unheardof on this side of the pond. Kind of like the beatles, but even more good looking!

Bonita Barndoor

Quake in fear, spineless mortals, for am I not... GALACTUS!? Your slagging upon McFly has angered me, and now you shall reap your own dark harvest!

Since the dawn of time, I have consumed millions of worlds, born the weight of trillions of souls consumed by my insatiable hunger! Can you even begin to understand the Power Cosmic that I wield?! No, you cannot! So to can you not grasp how much McFly rawk the hawse!

McFly's perfect grasp of rythym and melody is like the symphony of the spheres, of the very cosmos themselves! Galactus is not a homosexual, but know that I speak with the weight of the universe, the very weight of existence upon my shoulders when I say that Galactus would certainly blow every single member of McFly successively! Can they resist my oral advances!? No, for am I not... GALACTUS?! Devourer of Worlds! Devouver of McFly's myriad genitals!

You're pointing out that McFly's marketing owns everyone who posted here through your own feigning of a desire to fellate the band. Nice.

In reality, the problem seems to be less that someone said "I think McFly sucks," than someone said "I think."

i definitely disagree with u guys
McFly is one of the greatest bands ever
they only starred in the movie because they wanted to become famous in america cuz pretty much all america listens to is violent rap songs and repetitive hip hop songs by different artists i think u should give mcfly another shot as they at least are better than the rap and hip hop that the majority of america listens too

I have never found an article on the internet more true and prothetic then this. I'm sure, in the eyes of the law and god, all men are created equal. But not Mcfly. And, just 'cause they can write their own music, doesn't mean their good. Slap 3-4 chords together, generic topics for lyrics, and that's all you need for a winner.

some of you are right and some of you are wrong(in my opinion).I think mcfly is awesome, i may not like some of their songs cause their too sappy for me but i like most of them. my favorite is ive got you, but hey everyone has their own opinion so if you dont like them then you dont have to buy their cd. nobody's forcing you

Let me just ask this one simple question. Would McFly be this popular if they were not attractive? No, absolutely not. The music is simple, predictable and boring. The lyrics are shallow and vapid. But the labels see their faces and think...we can make them big! And to say they write their own music is true...in a seeennseee. If you had any idea how the music industry works, which most of you dont im sure...record labels control a large aspect of how albums sound. Even small labels control their bands sound...let alone huge labels. there are producers and executives making sure the music is exactly what all you teen girls want. So are they good. Yeah! absolutely they are great at getting huge and developing a teen following with their pretty faces. Are they musically talented? Not really. Just the fact that you have to say \"they write all their music!\" proves they are nothing more than a boy band. When it comes to bands like lets say... People In Planes, there isnt even a question of if they write their own music because they are a real band.