Survey says...

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Do you intend on voting in the upcoming Students' Union election? (in per cent)

yes 44.2
no 47.1
Don't know/not sure 8.7

Do you agree or disgree that the Gauntlet should endorse candidates in the SU election? (in per cent)

Strongly disagree 30.1
Somewhat disagree 16.6
Neither disagree nor agree 14.5
Somewhat agree 26.9
Strongly agree 9.3
Don't know/Undecided 2.6

Referendum questions

Increase in the Interuniversity Athletics fee (in per cent)

yes 72.5
no 25.5

General meetings (in per cent)

yes 75.5
no 12.7

Library fee (in per cent)

yes 64.7
no 21.6

President (in per cent)

Don't know/Undecided 45.2
Aaron Szott 3.8
Leah Rajesky 6.7
Rob South 15.4
Rahim Sajan 3.8
David Quayat 15.4
Faisal Rana 4.8

VP Academic (in per cent)

Don't know/Undecided 65.0
Kerry Parker 10.7
Drew Brown 5.8
Heather Clitheroe 9.7

VP External (in per cent)

Don't know/Undecided 49.0
Melanie McNaughton 15.7
Nassr Awada 22.5
Christa Big Canoe 3.9

VP Events (in per cent)

Don't know/Undecided 61.8
Jared Lorenz 20.6
Francis Freckleton 2.0
Peter Wootliff 3.9

VP Op-Fi (in percent)

Don't know/Undecided 56.9
Mike Bradshaw 9.8
Paul Newman 5.9
Amanada Affonso 16.7
Adrian Wolfleg 3.9