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Robert Overmann

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One of the benefits to elections is that new, creative ideas are generated. Sadly, Robert Overmann's ideas and observations on the Events porfolio lack original thought and offer no compelling reason to vote for him.


Not only does Overmann have no SU experience but he has no events-related experience either. Aside from concerns about Den security, it isn't really clear why he chose this specific portfolio. While he has managed his own company, the skills he learned there likely won't help with the SU learning curve.


While most of his points are achievable, none are anything new. He would like to maintain Acid Jazz Fridays and Cinemania-two of current VP Chris Kerr's biggest successes-and would like to promote student talent, possibly through some of the initiatives people like Kerr and groups like Busking For Smiles did this past year.

The recent slashing at the Den apparently doesn't alarm Overmann. He still feels perfectly safe there.

His attention to the Dinos and Safewalk is admirable, though he doesn't offer any solutions to their respective audience and funding problems.


Though his use of buzzwords is frustrating, Overmann could probably go far with a bit of experience and knowledge-too bad he hasn't bothered to get any.

Magic Eight Ball says:

My reply is No.