What the hell, another election?

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In case you haven't noticed, there are about 18 different people running around campus putting up cheesy posters, talking about what's best for you, and telling you how great they are. Ah, democracy, can't get any better unless of course you've been acclaimed! But for those who have to endure the overrated democratic process, the fun has just begun.

At this point the Students' Union annual by-election is in full swing, with almost a week done and a final week to go, now the pressure increases. The by-election is held every October to fill positions that were left vacant after the general election last February, or those that have become vacant over the summer. This year's by-election is unique, however, as election races will occur for many of the open positions.

The faculties of Social Work, Kinesiology and Fine Arts each face a one on one struggle between two individual candidates, as faculty representatives for Law, Medicine and Education enjoy a relieving acclimation and the tranquillity of job security. Twelve people, that's right, 18, will be locked in a fierce battle for a mere two positions in the Academic Commission.

Such intense competition during the by-election has never been seen before, as last year's by-election passed through the wind without a whisper as three candidates competed for the position of faculty representative for Communication & Culture. In the end, the people had spoken as a mere 30 students came out to cast their votes. This year will be one like no other, and I would encourage everyone to come out and vote October 22-24--that's starting next Wednesday. With so many candidates for a wide variety of positions there's guaranteed to be something of interest for everyone.

If there's one message I'd like to get across, it's the following: vote, vote, and vote some more!

To ensure the SU does not lose touch with the people it's suppose to be representing--that's you!--make an effort to make a couple of clicks on the computer screen. Voting stations will be set-up in MacEwan Student Centre and the Social Science building for all three of the voting days. But, there's more! Voting is now all done online though the Infonet, so that means you can vote anywhere there's a computer, whether it's the U of C campus, your own home or Kazakhstan. So there's no excuse for not voting.

Don't let apathy imprison you, cast your ballot from Oct. 22-24.





Who published this crap? This guy was acclaimed and he talks about elections? He really needs to get a life... or maybe an education. Cactus...

Hi Brian,
Unfortunately, we "published this crap," but we didn't write it. Really. I swear. (Would we lie about writing of this... quality?)

As far as we know, Mr. Demitrios wrote it all by himself, though in the past our elected representatives have had help from the SU's marketing/communications department.

You may be glad to know that this is his second try at an election piece. See http://gauntlet.ucalgary.ca/story/6457


Well, I'm glad someone else noticed that Demetrios wrote a piece of crap. I have to wonder if this guy passed the effective writing requirement.

"it's suppose to be representing--that's you!--make an effort to make a couple of clicks on the computer screen"

Is he trying to appeal to the Engrish crowd or something here?

Good one there, Magus.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Did you miss the total illegitimacy of this guy begging people to undergo the democractic process when he skipped it? Or how about the irony in someone from the birthplace of democracy missing the point entirely?


Twelve people, that's right, 18, will be locked in a fierce battle for a mere two positions in the Academic Commission.

Call me simple-minded, but I find this sentence totally hilarious. Come on Demetrios, F7 can't solve all of your problems. Can't you get one of your twelve - that's right, 18 - wanna-be underlings to proofread your work?

PS: The comma and the dash (I think it's actually called an em-dash) have very different functions in written English. You seem to be under the impression that both are equivalent to an inflection in dialogue but that is not the case. Do elected representatives have to submit TOEFL scores before taking office? Maybe they should.


On the matter of the "12, that's right 18" in Demetrios' piece, well, that was a simple typesetting error (I'm sure you're more than familiar with those). There are many legitimate criticisms that can be leveled at the article, however that one isn't one of them.

Lawrence Bailey


With all do respect, "this guy" didn't skip the process. He entered in it and no one else did. Can you fault him for that? It's not like he could have had a race if he wanted to.

(and the fact that he is from the "birthplace of democracy" is really that relevant. The article was poorly written, but this is completely irrelevant).

Get it right people..I'm not from the birthplace of Democracy.