Wide Awake Bored -- Treble Charger

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When listening to Treble Charger's sophomore release, Wide Awake Bored, the main feeling created is one of déjà vu. All the tracks seem vaguely familiar. At first, the tracks seem solid, but soon familiarity breeds contempt and Treble Charger's attempts to be clever just get irritating.

The first two songs, the catchy "Brand New Low" and the radio single "American Psycho," may be not be groundbreaking, but are fun and singable pop-rock tunes. It's all downhill after that, however, as the rest of the songs lose energy, becoming dull and indistinguishable from each other. Treble Charger should stick to their forte--energetic, catchy pop.

When there are so many songs and bands just like this on the radio, why pay money to hear more?






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