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How to prove you’re a real baseball fan this October

By Melanie Woods, October 11 2016 —   The Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs again this year, which means baseball — traditionally the sport of bubblegum and radio — is suddenly the most interesting thing in the world for Canadians across the country. While you probably want to follow the ongoing MLB playoffs to…

Blue Jays’ run ignites Canada’s sports passion

By Ahmad Nasser, October 27 2015 — In a country where hockey dominates sporting culture, a new obsession emerged over the past few months to challenge this throne. And no, I’m not talking about Justin Trudeau — it was the Toronto Blue Jays. Regardless of how their promising 2015 campaign ended, there’s no denying that…

2014 MLB post-season predictions

By Richard Goldberger, October 2 2014 — It’s finally time for some meaningful baseball again. October has come, bringing with it the return of the playoffs. This year’s crop of postseason teams would have seemed alien five years ago. Nevertheless, they are diverse, erratic and exemplify the shifting balance of power in Major League Baseball….

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