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Textbooks: to buy or not to buy

By Serena Sajan, August 26 2019— As the new term begins and courses move from the “Shopping Cart” to the “Enrolled Courses” list in myUofC, it’s expected that you may be buying textbooks. But, students often wonder if those textbooks will actually be used throughout the term, or if it’s just another way for professors…

Bookstore hit in credit card skimming hack attack

“The online Bookstore was affected by a security incident involving a third-party vendor,” said director of ancillary services Shane Royal in a statement. “We are working to restore this service and the university will be taking steps to notify the individuals affected by this incident.”

New bookstore layout forces local students into four-day survival epic

By Derek Baker, September 3 2015 — Three students who were lost in the bookstore for four days have been found by Campus Security. The search began after the students were reported missing last Sunday. Pundits are blaming the disappearance on the bookstore’s new layout. The change from grouping books by subject to alphabetically sorting…

New course pack literally costs firstborn child

By Melanie Bethune, September 18 2014 — Students registered in Statistics 361 this semester received a shocking blow to their futures when they discovered exactly how much the required course materials cost. The required course pack, comprised of a single CD in a plain white sleeve, will literally cost students their firstborn child. “Students complain…

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