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Lake Bodom takes a stab at horror genre

By Gurman Sahota, April 20, 2017 — Using the cool background of Finland, Lake Bodom takes viewers on a horrific trip that asks viewers how much they would do for their best friend. The film utilizes crisp scenes that use what the audience cannot see to inflict a foreboding sense of doom. The film begins…

Jason Wan Lim jumps into horror at CUFF with Blood Mountain

By Gurman Sahota, April 19, 2017 — Turning away from his typical domain of teen comedies, director Jason Wan Lim jumps into horror with Blood Mountain. Using GoPro cameras to craft a found-footage style, the film revolves around three mountain bikers who lose a member of their trio. While looking for their friend, the remaining…

How to enjoy the Calgary Underground Film Festival

By Kent Wong, April 5 2016 — I’ve been going to the Calgary Underground Film Festival for years. The week-long event presents local and international independent films at the Globe Cinema. It’s not just the flicks that draw people in — guest attendances, special events and cheap booze also make the festival stand out. Festivals…

Calgary Underground Film Festival showcases documentaries

By Connor Sadler, November 13 2014 — When the Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) received more documentary submissions than they could screen during their April festival, organizers decided to host a smaller festival focusing solely on documentaries. CUFF Docs festival director Brenda Lieberman says the decision to host a documentary festival was based on audience demand….

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