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Dispatches from Sled Island

By Troy Hasselman, June 25 2019 — Sled Island has come and gone for another year. The annual festival where venues across the downtown core plays host to artists both local and international, up-and-coming and established. Sled Island has becoming something like a Holiday akin to Thanksgiving or Christmas for myself. Here’s how it went…

Cartel Madras are igniting the Goonda Rap fire

By Liam Dawe, June 30 2018 —  For many years, Calgary’s hip-hop scene has remained subterranean — overlooked and disregarded. Talented acts have emerged, but the culture has lacked a bona fide catalyst. Sisters Bhagya and Priya Ramesh — stage names Eboshi and Contra, respectively — have taken a bold step as Cartel Madras. In under…

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