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Lady Marmalade contemplates squirting

By Lady Marmalade, November 1 2018 — If you have a vagina, there’s a chance that you have encountered a strange phenomenon during intercourse, masturbation or other internal or external stimulation. You may have felt pressure and then thought to yourself, “Did I just pee?” In all honesty, you might have. That happens sometimes. However,…

When to get off toxic dating apps

By Lady Marmalade, May 9 2018 — If you’ve been on Tinder for a while, you’ve probably matched with a few people and even met up with some. Regardless, if you are currently on the app, there’s a chance that you haven’t found love yet. If this is true, you’ve probably fallen into the habit…

Keeping hot springs public shows proper foresight

By Sean Willett, October 4 2016 After four years of uncertainty, federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced in September that Parks Canada’s Rocky Mountain hot springs will not be privatized. This decision is a step in the right direction for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government and will help ensure the continued relevance of Canada’s national parks….

What students can learn from Republicans

By Frank Finley, September 27 2016 — There is something fascinating happening to the Republicans and students should take notice. As young people, it is important to learn from history’s mistakes, but right now, we have a chance to learn from the mistakes of the present. The Grand Old Party of the United States is…

Shit happens in sex and that’s okay

By Lady Marmalade, September 20 2016 It is a known fact that sometimes, when you’re getting freaky with a lover, shit happens. “Shit” can be taken as literally as you want. Trust me, we’ve all been there. When you are being intimate and/or naked with another person, things can get messy. I know that for me, there…

How to lose your virginity in university

By Lady Marmalade, September 6 2016 — While the campus eagerly awaits September’s onslaught of new life, there is always a growing anxiety around the amount of “firsts” that will take place as the fresh faces embark on their university experience. For some, it’s the first all-nighter, first car and first time on your own…

Banff wolf pack survival rests on regulation

By Sean Willett, August 30 2016 — Over the past summer, two wolves from Banff National Park’s Bow Valley pack have been killed by authorities for acting aggressively towards campers. One of these was the pack’s alpha female. After she was shot, four of the pack’s six cubs were struck and killed by a car….

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