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And so it all goes to shit

By Jason Herring and Frankie Hart, March 25 2019 — The Gauntlet elected a new editor-in-chief on March 7, though ‘elected’ may be putting it kindly. Kristy Koehler received 100 per cent of the vote in the sham election, absolutely decimating her opponent, Young Sheldon from the hit CBS television program Young Sheldon, causing him to cry his wittle…

And so it all goes to shit

By Melanie Woods, March 7 2017 — The Gauntlet elected a new Editor-in-Chief on March 7. By “elected,” of course we mean already forgot about. Of the two candidates, Jason Herring eeked out a narrow victory over Tree in what many see as a shocking upset. Tree’s platform included rational, well-informed points such as “dependable?”,…

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