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Esports could add exciting edge to the Olympic Games

By Tommy Osborne, October 4 2017 —  Recently, eSports — competitive multiplayer video game tournaments — have gained greater relevance on both a local and international scale. ESports fans can watch tournaments featuring popular games like League of Legends through online streaming platforms and participate in them through clubs like the University of Calgary’s eSports…

SAIT adds eSports to campus athletic program

By Jason Herring, June 13 2017 –  The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is introducing a new dimension of sports to their athletics and recreation program this fall. The SAIT Trojans recreational athletics department is gauging student interest in eSports — or competitive video gaming — with four tournaments during the fall and winter semesters….

ESports popularity on the rise in Canada

By Isaac Celis, January 10 2016 — Dyrus, TSM, Natus Vincere (Na’Vi), Arteezy, Justin Wong, Mango — to the average sports fan, most of these names mean nothing. But to avid competitive gaming fans, these high-profile names are equivalent to Jose Bautista, the Golden State Warriors, Sidney Crosby, Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Electronic sports …

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