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SLC musical chairs continues as SU looks for new arts representative

By Tina Shaygan, November 1 2017 — One of the four Faculty of Arts representative positions on Students’ Legislative Council is vacant after Puncham Judge’s unanimous appointment to Students’ Union vice-president external position. This vacancy will be filled by the SU Nominations Committee and applications are open to all undergraduate arts students until Nov. 10….

U of C’s only three-year degree program up for termination

By Saima Asad, April 27 2017 — The University of Calgary’s only three-year degree program might soon get the boot. The Faculty of Arts is considering discontinuing the Bachelors in communications and culture (BCC) program due to declining interest from students. Enrolment in the BCC has declined over the past decade, from 316 students in…

Research and teaching go hand-in-hand for University of Calgary arts professors

By Tina Shaygan, October 25 2016 — Of the activities that could enrich the “student experience,” getting involved with research may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But conducting research at an undergraduate level is the foundation of higher education. For those not involved in undergraduate research themselves, it may seem far…

English professor laces novels with cocaine

By Melanie Woods, February 26 2015 — Full-time English students often have to read two or three novels a week. Add jobs, extracurriculars and other classwork, and many students resort to shortcuts to bypass reading the actual novel. Professor John Winters plans to put a stop to this. Beginning in Fall 2015, all of the…

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