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Lost first-year student still stranded on campus

By Joie Atejira, September 19 2017 — Getting lost on campus as a confused first-year is nothing new. However, one University of Calgary freshman, who requested to remain anonymous due to the possible ridicule and shame, has not been able to find his way to his next class — or even his way home — since the…

What kind of first-year student are you?

By Frankie Hart, September 14 2017 — This year’s Orientation Week welcomed thousands of first-year students to campus. The event is a University of Calgary tradition that prepares new students for campus life. Based on your decisions throughout O-Week, how have you started off your first year at the U of C?

Frosh 2017: Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Year

By Derek Baker Entering university can be pretty overwhelming. No matter where you’re coming from, be it right out of high school or after taking a break from academia, starting at the University of Calgary is an intimidating task. Anxieties can rise as the people in your life bombard you with well-meant, albeit excessive advice. With…

Frosh 2016: Residence, a place to call home

By Melanie Woods — For most students, moving into residence marks the first tentative steps out of their parents’ home and into the real world. It’s like purgatory — not the heaven of living rent free with a fridge full of food, but also not the hell of paying electric bills and deciding if a…

First-year students already self-identify as seasoned experts in their fields

By Derek Baker, September 17 2015 — With only two weeks of university classes completed, many first-year students are already describing themselves as “experts” in their respective fields. Dozens of self-proclaimed doctors, engineers and others now offer their services on campus. First-year political science student Allan Anderson plans to run in the upcoming federal election….

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