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How to make friends in lecture

By Frankie Hart and Jenna Leong, September 6 2019 — Introduce yourself on the first day: If you’re friendly from the get-go, they’ll know you by name and face immediately. Offer a pen: Everyone needs some sort of writing utensil for writing notes! Showing your care for their academic well-being from the beginning will build…

How to make super-awesome cool friends in your classes this semester

By Jake Robinson, January 24 2017 — The new semester brings a new chance to turn crippling loneliness into limping but manageable loneliness. Rookies in the friendship biz — real friend connoisseurs don’t have time to spell out business in full — might suggest being yourself or joining school associations, athletic teams or the Gauntlet to meet…

Student forced to hitchhike after being kicked out of vehicle for corny joke

By Melanie Woods, September 10 2015 — Last weekend, third-year psychology major Melodie Wilson was forced to hitchhike over 130 kilometres on the TransCanada after being ejected from the car she had been riding in with friends. Wilson reportedly made a terrible pun and was asked by driver Sarah Abrams to immediately exit the vehicle….

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