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Frosh 2017: Fitness

By Christie Melhorn Finding time to workout with a busy student schedule can be tricky. But the stress relief and endorphin kick of exercise enhances both physical health and academic performance. Between the Active Living Center and student clubs, the University of Calgary offers tons of ways to get active. Here are a few fun options….

Controversial fitness centre incident sparks dress code review

By Fabian Mayer, April 12 2016 — University of Calgary Active Living is updating its policies after two women were kicked out of the fitness centre for wearing sports bras. The February incident caused controversy when it came to light last month. Bobola Olayinka and Gorana Jeftic were asked to leave the gym by fitness…

Inconsistent fitness centre dress code invites discrimination

Dress codes aren’t necessarily bad. While they’re rarely the most fun rules to follow, they can be used to set firm guidelines on what is and isn’t appropriate to wear in a shared space. But, like any other fair-weather rule, inconsistently enforced dress codes can become a tool for discrimination. And this is exactly what’s…

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