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Use collagen to keep your body healthy and strong

By Tori Taylor, June 19 2019— Collagen is a protein that our bodies produce in large amounts. It can be found in the bones, ligaments, skin and blood. As we age, our bodies slow down on collagen production — amongst other things — and we notice less elasticity in our skin, sticky ligaments, brittle hair…

Canada’s Food Guide has entered the 21st century. Will students be left behind?

By Emily Boucher, February 14 2019 — Health Canada released a new Food Guide last month, the first major update to the document since 1992. While critics have praised the new Food Guide, concerns were also expressed that the recommendations are out of reach for low-income Canadians — a group that includes many university students….

Students must balance fashion and functionality

By Hurmut Humayan, Oct. 28 2017 — The CBC recently reported that many people have been going sockless and getting foot fungus as a result. The reason why these people — particularly men — are going sockless? Style. The argument lends itself to the age-old adage, “It is better to look good than to feel…

Five cool and affordable places to workout off campus

By Christie Melhorn, October 13 2017 — The University of Calgary campus has many accessible and cost-effective fitness options. But if you’re a part-time student or only have classes a few days a week, coming to campus just to work out can be a hassle. Fortunately, Calgary’s fitness scene is rich with fun, diverse workout…

Study outside for better focus this exam season

By Christie Melhorn, April 6 2017 — Spring hasn’t quite sprung — it’s not that time of year where students plant themselves on the grass by campus’ main paths yet. However, it’s definitely warm enough to spend at least half an hour outdoors cracking open your books or taking a quality study break. As we…

Four healthy study breaks to try this exam season

By Tommy Osborne, March 28 2017 — With final exams fast approaching — along with other assignments, papers and lab reports — studying plays a prominent role in a student’s life. Healthy study breaks can leave you feeling energized and give you a refreshed mind, which is important when you’re faced with an ever-increasing workload….

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