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Keep your insides warm and immune system strong

By Tori Taylor, November 5 2019 — When the air turns cold and I start doubling up on socks, I know it’s time to switch from smoothie bowls to warm elixirs. There is nothing like getting hit with multiple waves of the cold virus for three months straight. With our academic stress amped up and…

Plenty of fun runs in Calgary this summer

By Tori Taylor, April 25 2019 — This summer, grab a group of friends, a buddy or run solo in any of YYC’s many fun runs. Entering these runs will give you an opportunity to keep your cardio up without getting bored — double win. Calgary has several options varying in length and competitive energy. Some…

Canada’s Food Guide has entered the 21st century. Will students be left behind?

By Emily Boucher, February 14 2019 — Health Canada released a new Food Guide last month, the first major update to the document since 1992. While critics have praised the new Food Guide, concerns were also expressed that the recommendations are out of reach for low-income Canadians — a group that includes many university students….

Three healthy habits to add to your routine

By Tori Taylor, January 7 2019 — The time for New Year’s resolutions and fresh motivation has arrived. Two types of people emerge every time the new year rolls around: people who hunker down with a list of ways to become their best self and people who boycott the whole process and actively avoid anything…

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