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Five very legit paper-writing tips

By Tina Shaygan, November 9 2017 — To help you combat creeping paper deadlines, we compiled a list of the very best advice for writing an A+ scholarly masterpiece. Follow these simple steps to create your best academic work.   Come up with a very hot take: Make sure to include the edgiest, hottest take…

Things to know if you’re thinking of getting your green card

By Lady Marmalade, November 8 2017 — Marijuana legalization is just around the corner. But if you can hardly wait to get your grubby hands on some devil’s lettuce, you may have considered getting your medical marijuana card. Here are a few things you should know before you are handed the golden key to weed paradise….

Five uses for your leftover Halloween candy

By Heather Robertson, October 31 2017 — Did you eat so much Halloween candy that one more piece will make you hurl? Did you get stuck with a pile of your least favourite Maynards candy or 8,000 little boxes of Smarties because you “forgot” to give those out first to trick-or-treaters? Is your tongue so…

How to fight the mid-semester slump

By Rachel Woodward, October 17 2017 — We’re all familiar with the mid-semester slump. Midterms are underway, assignments are in full throttle and your mental health is seemingly as fragile as it ever has been. Don’t fret, though. With a few changes to your daily routine, you can make it through this low point.  …

How to stand out in your jean jacket this semester

By Rachel Woodward, October 3 2017 — As the weather cools off, an old trend is returning to campus. Students everywhere are digging out their parents’ old Eddie Bauer jean jackets to cover in patches, pins and other hip trinkets. Here are a few ways to keep your jacket unique within the extremely mainstream trend….

Four simple ways to smuggle your pet into class

By Jill Girgulis, September 12 2017 — University classes and family pets usually don’t mix, a struggle many students know all too well. After spending all summer with our furry friends, leaving them behind for class can be heartbreaking. That’s why we’ve come up with these tips and tricks to ensure you never have to say…

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