Tagged november 22 2016

Education course on indigenous issues an important step forward

In 2013, the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary implemented a mandatory course that Werklund School of Education undergraduate students must take near the end of their degree. The course — EDUC 530: FNMI History, Education and Leadership — explores the history and perspectives of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples. The U…

July Talk brings eccentric energy to MacHall

By Rachel Woodward, November 22 2016 — July Talk is a Toronto-based alternative rock group founded in 2012. The band will perform a sold-out show in MacHall as a part of their tour on Dec. 3. Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay lead the five-person band that just released their sophomore album, Touch, earlier this year….

Rosalind redefines local folk

By Giselle Sproule, November 22 2016 — Rosalind is a seven-piece indie-folk ensemble based in Calgary. The band began in 2015 as a jam session between members Jesse Shire, Amanda Rishaug and Mike Goossen. “That first jam session was probably the best orientation I’ve ever had with a group of musicians. [We had] instant chemistry…

Slipper tells a distinctly Calgarian Cinderella story

By Fernando David Moreno, November 22 — As part of the pantomime tradition of the holiday season, Alberta Theatre Projects presents Slipper — “a distinctly Calgarian Cinderella story.” The show is based on the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Playwright director Rebecca Northan says that Calgary is the perfect host for Cinderella and the…

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