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Camping still an option despite impending winter

By Calum Robertson, September 26 2018— The mountains are calling. The forests beckon. But winter is fast approaching. That doesn’t mean camping is no longer an option! Here are a few tips and tricks to seize the season and enjoy the remainder of autumn before the snow arrives. The few essentials you’ll need mostly reflect…

Winter sports to try through the campus Outdoor Centre

By Christie Melhorn, November 21 2017 — Calgary’s biting air and slushy streets don’t exactly beckon us to spend more time outdoors in winter. Most of us prefer to bundle up in a blanket and admire the snow from afar. Despite how cold and uncomfortable the season can be, it has inspired fun outdoor activities…

Frosh 2017: Fitness

By Christie Melhorn Finding time to workout with a busy student schedule can be tricky. But the stress relief and endorphin kick of exercise enhances both physical health and academic performance. Between the Active Living Center and student clubs, the University of Calgary offers tons of ways to get active. Here are a few fun options….

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