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Q Centre holds community meeting after CTA incident

By Melanie Woods, October 25 2016 — After turmoil following the booking of an anti-LGBTQ group at a MacHall table and the Students’ Union’s response, an advisory group may be coming to the SU Q Centre. Dozens of University of Calgary students, staff and other members and allies of the LGBTQ community gathered at the…

Wrap your willy before you get silly

By Lady Marmalade, October 25 2016 — It’s a tale as old as time — no matter what sexual activity you’re planning on engaging in — be safe. Whether you’re wearing a condom, using a dental dam or you’re on the pill, the patch or ring, there are literally endless contraceptive opportunities for people having…

Economic woes cause SU food bank donations to plummet

By Scott Strasser, June 10 2016 — With high food prices and province-wide unemployment, the Students’ Union food bank is feeling the pinch of Alberta’s economic recession. According to coordinator Allison Iriye, the SU food bank saw increased usage in 2015–16 from the previous three years, but has seen a heavy decline in recent donations….

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