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Which SU election campaign poster are you, spiritually?

By Frankie Hart, March 6 2018 — You’ve seen them everywhere on your way to classes. Thousands of sets of eyes stare at you while traversing MacHall. You’ve contemplated your choices for the positions, but one crucial question remains — which campaign poster are you, spiritually? Which one really gets you? Take this quiz to…

Quiz // Are you related to Ted Cruz: Zodiac Killer?

By Jesse Stilwell, November 29 2017 — Everyone remembers 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. How could you not? The Calgary native is an international man of mystery. It’s recently come to light that one of the Gauntlet editors may be distantly related to the man also known as the zodiac killer. Are you connected…

What trashy Buzzfeed quiz should you take next?

By Frankie Hart, September 19 2017 — It’s 3 a.m. and your alarm will ring in a few hours. You haven’t even started the paper that’s due at 9. Unfortunately, you’ve stumbled into an endless hole of Buzzfeed quizzes. You NEED to find out what Disney princess drawn as a fruit represents your soul. Little…

What kind of first-year student are you?

By Frankie Hart, September 14 2017 — This year’s Orientation Week welcomed thousands of first-year students to campus. The event is a University of Calgary tradition that prepares new students for campus life. Based on your decisions throughout O-Week, how have you started off your first year at the U of C?  

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