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Plenty of fun runs in Calgary this summer

By Tori Taylor, April 25 2019 — This summer, grab a group of friends, a buddy or run solo in any of YYC’s many fun runs. Entering these runs will give you an opportunity to keep your cardio up without getting bored — double win. Calgary has several options varying in length and competitive energy. Some…

Winterize your running routine

By Tori Taylor, November 23 2018 — As beautiful as the snow may be, it signifies the start of something truly awful for some of us.  Runners will understand this dreary shift as we move from fresh air and mountain scenery to the smell of sweaty gym gear and a row of TVs somehow always…

Frosh 2017: Fitness

By Christie Melhorn Finding time to workout with a busy student schedule can be tricky. But the stress relief and endorphin kick of exercise enhances both physical health and academic performance. Between the Active Living Center and student clubs, the University of Calgary offers tons of ways to get active. Here are a few fun options….

Try working out on an empty stomach

By Christie Melhorn, May 24th, 2017 — Properly fueling your body for a workout is critical in maintaining a healthy balance of diet and exercise. However, there are many theories about when you should fuel to maximize results. Fitness enthusiasts who promote fasted cardio — or, cardio on an empty stomach — argue it is…

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