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Calgary city council rejects two proposals on secondary suite reform

By Scott Strasser, August 1 2016 — Calgary city council voted down two proposals regarding secondary suite reform on July 25, maintaining the city’s stance on the issue and its strategy for handling it. Coun. Shane Keating’s proposed method for easing the secondary suite application process was voted down 8–7, while Coun. Andre Chabot’s proposed…

Secondary suites benefit homeowners

By Kylee van der Poorten, November 6 2014 — Secondary suites have been a big issue in municipal politics for years with councillors and pundits bitterly divided on the issue. The debate can be sorted into two groups. There are those who believe changing regulations surrounding secondary suites will make renting safer for tenants and…

Renters deserve safe and legal housing

In Calgary, tenant rights are a taboo topic. At 1.4 per cent, Calgary has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Canada. Despite this fact, city council defeated a motion last week to change the city’s zoning restrictions and lessen stringent secondary suite regulations across the city. Secondary suites can be built in certain parts…

Secondary suite regulation up for debate before Monday’s vote

By Fabian Mayer, September 18 2014 — New regulations to simplify landowner applications for secondary suites will once again go before city council. A proposal to make the application process for secondary suites easier was defeated in committee this summer, but the proposal will still be voted on at a general council meeting on Sept….

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