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Phrases like ‘social justice warrior’ harm discussion and expression of ideas

By Andrew Kemle, Nov. 29 2017 — Lately, online discussions surrounding social justice issues have featured pejorative or derogatory phrases like “social justice warrior,” “regressive leftist” or even the alt-right’s favorite word, “cuck.” Even right-wing news outlets like Breitbart and The Rebel frequently devolve into using these words in their headlines. These labels are meaningless….

Letter to the editor: harassment and sexism have no place in SU politics

My story is my own. Not everyone will have the same experience but I think it’s important to share mine. Through my journey I’ve learned that I am not alone. I had an amazing time running in the Students’ Union general election and I met so many people who were engaged and supportive. I had…

“Locker room talk” can’t exclude female athletes

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, October 18 2016 — Republican candidate Donald Trump made headlines again for his lewd comments — but this time, his remarks affected the world of sports. The release of a 2005 video in which Donald Trump refers to sexually harassing and groping women without their consent has warranted responses from sexual assault…

Inconsistent fitness centre dress code invites discrimination

Dress codes aren’t necessarily bad. While they’re rarely the most fun rules to follow, they can be used to set firm guidelines on what is and isn’t appropriate to wear in a shared space. But, like any other fair-weather rule, inconsistently enforced dress codes can become a tool for discrimination. And this is exactly what’s…

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