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Student builds snow sarcophagus for self

By Riley Martens, November 2 2018 — The recent snowfall has brought a wave of reactions to what the Twitterverse has dubbed #Snowtober. However, amid a cold reception, one student saw the winter wonderland as an opportunity. Civil engineering graduate student Bob Builder decided to use the snow as a chance to create his thesis project….

University of Calgary to reward good driving in Arts Parkade

By Kristy Koehler, October 5 2018 — In an effort to improve mental wellbeing on the University of Calgary campus, the school is now incentivizing good driving in the Arts Parkade. Drivers who at least try to exercise caution, actually look for pedestrians while going around corners, stop at stop signs, park within the lines and…

We forecast your future involves snow

By Danielle Leong, November 7 2017 —   Scorpio  (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) You will fall through a mysterious opening in the snow and enter a majestic underground tunnel that leads to the North Pole. Unfortunately, you’ll take a wrong turn and end up in your next lecture.   Sagittarius  (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) After…

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