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Olympians talk Fuel for Gold, training on campus

By Christie Melhorn, February 9 2018 —  As with many other students, my time at the University of Calgary was a blur of papers, working two serving jobs, camping in the library and hitting the gym in between. Some days, I barely had time to brush my teeth, let alone make a lunch. For three…

New Canada West logo will make more appearances at U of C in 2018

By Christie Melhorn, January 16 2018 —  Scores, statistics and sports technology are generally dominant topics of discussion regarding the sports world. The significance of insignias and logos representing teams and leagues is easily overlooked since interact with them on such a frequent basis. However, thorough consideration goes into their design to ensure an organization’s…

Three famous sports stories more haunting than any hard losses or poor plays

By Christie Melhorn, October 27 2017 —  Season-ending injuries and social media scandals aren’t the only scares athletes experience. Team superstitions and rituals are often perceived as entertainment but are generally performed with firm belief. The following paranormal stories might offer some insight about why many professional athletes cautiously approach the metaphysical dimension of sports….

Advanced player-tracking technology changes how we experience sports

By Kent Wong, October 12 2017 —  Since 2014, Zebra Technologies has served as the National Football League’s “official on-field player-tracking provider.” Their goal is to capture individual player movements and statistics in real-time. They then convert their recordings into hard data for officials and analysts to use. In 2016, Zebra fitted radio-frequency identification chips…

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