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Break procrastination to improve your grades and mental health

By Christie Melhorn, September 29 2017 — Sometimes, the motivation to start a class assignment is too far down the gutter to bother reaching for until you’re drowning in sewer water. Some students work well under pressure. Others don’t, but still need the sense of impending doom to push them. Whichever the case, procrastinating can…

De-stress by decluttering your space

By Christie Melhorn, September 19 2017 —  By the time midterms hit, your room will likely reflect your hectic schedule — clothes scattered around your room, an overflowing garbage can and dust collecting on your dresser. Keeping your space clean during school is as impossible as cleaning every typo out of an essay, but you…

Kickoff holds up as important U of C tradition

By Christie Melhorn, September 11 2017 —  The smoky sky and ominous red sun hanging over McMahon Stadium on Sept. 8 gave this year’s annual Dinos football Kickoff game an extra edge. Despite the haze, 6,238 Dinos fans roared from the stands, cheering the team to their 46–26 win against the University of Regina Rams….

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