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Letter to the editor: harassment and sexism have no place in SU politics

My story is my own. Not everyone will have the same experience but I think it’s important to share mine. Through my journey I’ve learned that I am not alone. I had an amazing time running in the Students’ Union general election and I met so many people who were engaged and supportive. I had…

Study outside for better focus this exam season

By Christie Melhorn, April 6 2017 — Spring hasn’t quite sprung — it’s not that time of year where students plant themselves on the grass by campus’ main paths yet. However, it’s definitely warm enough to spend at least half an hour outdoors cracking open your books or taking a quality study break. As we…

Four healthy study breaks to try this exam season

By Tommy Osborne, March 28 2017 — With final exams fast approaching — along with other assignments, papers and lab reports — studying plays a prominent role in a student’s life. Healthy study breaks can leave you feeling energized and give you a refreshed mind, which is important when you’re faced with an ever-increasing workload….

Grad school application fees are a barrier to accessible education

When looking for solutions to the cost of post-secondary education, one problem is largely ignored: application fees. What are scholarships, government grants or lower tuition good for if those students that need it most can’t even join the race? Application fees can be a strong deterring factor for applicants to graduate or professional school.  And…

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