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SLC talks UBike extension in May 21 meeting

UBike, formerly The Bike Share, provides members with bike rentals on and off campus. The program, run by the UBike club with the help of the Office of Sustainability, began in July 2017 with a grant of $17,510 and now has a surplus of $7441.18. UBike sought a two-year extension in order to mainly cover insurance and maintenance costs of the bikes with the surplus amount.

76th SLC draws to a close at busy final meeting

By James Falls, April 13 2019 — At the April 9 meeting of the Students Legislative Council meeting, the final one of the winter semester, Students’ Union officials and faculty representatives discussed a University of Calgary senate report and evaluated the SU’s sustainability efforts. U of C senate representatives Alisha Gordon and Jonah Secreti delivered…

SU executives present trimester reports at penultimate SLC

By James Falls, April 6 2019 — Executives of the 76th Students’ Legislative Council delivered their final trimester reports at their meeting on April 2, where they announced that all goals on the reports were either already completed or being transitioned to their successor on the 77th council. SU president Sagar Grewal’s trimester report, spanning…

SLC approves SU Strategic Plan at March 12 meeting

By James Falls, March 15 2019 — At a March 12 meeting, the Students’ Legislative Council unanimously approved an updated Strategic Plan and a new open educational resources (OER) advocacy policy. Vice-president academic Jessica Revington addressed concerns surrounding the language used in the Strategic Plan. Social work representative Marissa Bennett had previously questioned the absence…

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