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Head-to-Head: Should election campaign posters be professional or gimmicky?

Posters have too much cosplay, too little connection By Susie Ngo, March 7 2019 — It’s hard to miss the multitude of campaign posters plastered in every hallway from Craigie Hall to Science Theatres during the Students’ Union election. They’re big, bold and colourful, often featuring smiling candidates decked out in quirky costumes or, in one case, holding a puppy. Bearing similarities to war propaganda posters, they…

Individual candidate platforms promote diverse governance

To put it lightly, the Students’ Union election period is not particularly popular at the University of Calgary. Thousands of gimmicky posters plaster the walls around MacHall, while costumed candidates run around campus begging students they’ve never met to vote for them. It’s easy to see why most students grumble about the ordeal every March…

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