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‘When they became explainable’: U of C prof talks serial killers

The database for which she became known to the likes of CBC, VICE and Maclean’s started as a nerdy hobby she worked on after her classes and quickly gained momentum, becoming part of her research at the U of C. Reid describes her database as a collection of information from journals and transcripts of serial killers, focusing specifically on developing the profiles of the criminals’ childhoods. Her hope is to find a commonality among the profiles that may help explain their later behaviour.

Adjustments to admissions averages follow demand

“We have a set number of spots available in every program or faculty depending on how the faculty’s admission structure is and so every year we look at the number of applicants we have to that program,” said Saweczko. “We set the average based on how many offers will go out based on the number of seats available.”

U of C Game Design Club launches new video game

“We try to be really open for everyone. That’s why we have the teaching meetings — we want people to be learning how to do new things. We just want members more than anything, people who are invested and interested are way more helpful than people who are not investing interest in even if they’re incredibly skillful.”

Bookstore hit in credit card skimming hack attack

“The online Bookstore was affected by a security incident involving a third-party vendor,” said director of ancillary services Shane Royal in a statement. “We are working to restore this service and the university will be taking steps to notify the individuals affected by this incident.”

SU mulls possible ‘yes/no’ ballot for acclaimed candidates

By Ashar Memon, February 1 2018 — The University of Calgary Students’ Union is considering introducing a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ballot for candidates running unopposed in SU elections, according to SU president Sagar Grewal. The change won’t be implemented in time for this year’s upcoming SU general election, but could go into effect for a…

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