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Cannon tops U of C sunshine list for 2018

By Gayathri Peringod, July 23 2019 — Former president Elizabeth Cannon was last year’s highest-paid employee at the University of Calgary, making her the institution’s top earner for the past three years, according to a newly-released public sector salary disclosure. Cannon earned $647,516 and change in 2018 in her final year as university president, having…

Who’s Who in the SU: Vice-president operations and finance

By Gurman Sahota, July 10 2019 — In an effort to introduce new — or even continuing — students to representatives in the Students’ Union and in the Students’ Legislative Council, the Gauntlet is running the series, ‘Who’s Who in the SU.’ The second instalment introduces Omer Mansoor, vice-president operations and finance of the SU….

‘When they became explainable’: U of C prof talks serial killers

The database for which she became known to the likes of CBC, VICE and Maclean’s started as a nerdy hobby she worked on after her classes and quickly gained momentum, becoming part of her research at the U of C. Reid describes her database as a collection of information from journals and transcripts of serial killers, focusing specifically on developing the profiles of the criminals’ childhoods. Her hope is to find a commonality among the profiles that may help explain their later behaviour.

Adjustments to admissions averages follow demand

“We have a set number of spots available in every program or faculty depending on how the faculty’s admission structure is and so every year we look at the number of applicants we have to that program,” said Saweczko. “We set the average based on how many offers will go out based on the number of seats available.”

Speakmasters celebrates 30 years as a campus club

In addition to improving public speaking skills, Farooq stated that the meetings are also an opportunity to gain exposure to different ideas. The meetings, consisting of alumni, students and individuals not affiliated with the university, showcasing different perspectives as a result of everyone’s unique backgrounds.

SLC talks UBike extension in May 21 meeting

UBike, formerly The Bike Share, provides members with bike rentals on and off campus. The program, run by the UBike club with the help of the Office of Sustainability, began in July 2017 with a grant of $17,510 and now has a surplus of $7441.18. UBike sought a two-year extension in order to mainly cover insurance and maintenance costs of the bikes with the surplus amount.

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