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Anti-weed task force harasses students with spray bottles

By Frankie Hart, October 19 2018 — With the legalization of cannabis, the University of Calgary has prohibited on-campus consumption. Although there is no outright punishment for toking, the university has established a student-led task force to combat offenders by spraying them with water. Leader of the task force, third-year student Natalie Narcerson, emphasized the need…

Eight things you need to know about legal weed

By Matty Hume, October 17 2018 — It’s official. As of today, the use of recreational cannabis is now legal in every province and territory in Canada. But each municipality is taking on the big change in their own way. Here are eight things you need to know about using recreational cannabis in Calgary. 1….

University of Calgary unveils ‘High Eyes’ strategy

By Sara Albright, September 30 2018 — In conjunction with the recent legalization of cannabis, the University of Calgary has announced that it is now taking a relaxed and non-committal stance with its latest strategic plan — ‘High Eyes.’ The strategy is stepping back from the Eyes High goal of becoming a top-five research university in…

Blaze it: U of C offers FILM 420 just in time for legalization

By Frankie Hart, September 3 2018 — With the legalization of cannabis en route for October, the film department is introducing FILM 420: ‘Exploration of Stoner Cinema’ in time for students to legally access the full stoner experience. Although some students certainly ‘toked’ in-class screenings before, it is now actively encouraged. “Stoner movies are a…

Calgary should rethink stifling weed bylaws

May 4, 2018 — A lot of fuss has been made about the forthcoming legalization of recreational cannabis by the government of Canada. The way Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government pursued the substance’s legalization allows all three levels of government to make some decisions about legalization processes in their jurisdictions — and that’s to say nothing about…

Things to know if you’re thinking of getting your green card

By Lady Marmalade, November 8 2017 — Marijuana legalization is just around the corner. But if you can hardly wait to get your grubby hands on some devil’s lettuce, you may have considered getting your medical marijuana card. Here are a few things you should know before you are handed the golden key to weed paradise….

Hydroponic grow-op discovered in plant biology department

By Derek Baker, October 3 2017 — Some student researchers in the University of Calgary’s plant biology program have been pursuing a slightly different form of higher education. After receiving an anonymous tip — and observing smokey haze emanating from the basement of Biological Sciences — Campus Security has shut down an extensive on-campus hydroponic cannabis…

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