So you’re interested in volunteering for the Gauntlet? Great! We accept volunteer writers, editors, illustrators, photographers and web-developers. Whether you have decades of experience or have never written a word in your life, we provide training and a platform for any University of Calgary students or community members interested in print and online journalism.


How to get involved:

  1. Come up to our offices, 319 on the third floor of MacHall or email our volunteer coordinator at
  2. Sign up for a volunteer orientation. Orientations run weekly during production periods at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays.
  3. Attend your volunteer orientation. Learn about the Gauntlet’s structure, what we do and how you can get involved. Sign an official volunteer form, and leave with your very own shiny copy of the volunteer handbook.
  4. Sign up for section story lists, talk to our editors and start getting involved!

Why should you volunteer at the Gauntlet?

  1. Learning. The U of C doesn’t have a formal journalism program. We provide real-world training to anyone interested in journalistic fields.
  2. Exposure. We print 5,000 papers weekly during the academic year and our website averages over 10,000 hits a week. That’s a lot of people who can read your work.
  3. Resume building. Having published work can only help your resume as you look forward to the job market after graduation. As well, we can train you in various hard skills such as Canada Press style, copyediting, journalistic writing, Adobe suite and more.
  4. Free food. We feed our staff and volunteers every Tuesday night during production periods. If nothing else, stop by for the pizza. Everyone loves pizza.
  5. Cool people. We’re really just a bunch of rabble-rousing young adults who care far too much about campus press. 

For more information or general inquires, contact

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