What kind of first-year student are you?

By Frankie Hart, September 14 2017 —

This year’s Orientation Week welcomed thousands of first-year students to campus. The event is a University of Calgary tradition that prepares new students for campus life. Based on your decisions throughout O-Week, how have you started off your first year at the U of C?


How much enthusiasm did you put into performing your faculty chant?

My throat will never be the same.
I was too busy covering my ears to chant.
I was sitting the whole time.
I couldn't remember the words, but I tried.

What did you submit during the TopHat demonstration during a breakout session?

An extremely normal answer.
I couldn't figure out how to use it.
A hella dank meme.
Nothing. I didn’t want others seeing my answer.

What kind of booth did you hit up first at Campus Expo?

Whichever looked the most helpful.
What’s Campus Expo?
Whichever looked the most interesting.
Whichever looked like it had the most free stuff.

How was the MuchMusic Video Dance Party?

I missed it because I thought it was on a different day.
I busted out my finest moves.
I didn't go. Social interaction scares me.
I was too tired, so I just took a nap.

What did you do at the UCalgaryStrong Carnival?

I got more free stuff!
I wandered around, mostly.
Pretty much everything.
I just played with the parachute — I still don't know what the point of that was.

What was your favourite part of O-Week?

Having the Orientation Leaders help me find my classes.
Either the free notebook or the free candy.
The department- and faculty-specific events.
Figuring out what everything is.

How did you keep track of the information overload?

I think I'll be able to remember it.
I'm good.
I took pictures for reference.
I took notes.

Are you ready for your first year?

I think so — I already have all my textbooks.
Yup — that's totally the thing that I'm doing that I am also ready for.
I'm sure I'll find someone with the same schedule that I can follow.
Please help me.

What type of first year are you?

You Got:


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