What option should you take in the fall semester?

By Joie Atejira, April 5 2016 —

What kind of class are you looking for?

I don’t care. It’s my last year and I just want an easy A course. Please, I need to get out of here.
One that improves my dinner party banter. It is my utmost desire to be remembered as a smart and cultured person.
A class where I get to interact with other students.

How much of a commitment are you looking for?

Average. By that, I mean that I’ll come to class unprepared about 75 per cent of time, won’t participate, miss pop quizzes and still do well.
Extreme. I can be as committed as I am to organic chemistry and calculus II. I am in pre-med. Did you hear me? I want this course to look good on my transcript because I’m heading to med scho—
None. I’ll consider showing up for the midterm.

Which location do you prefer?

Education building. The distant location provides my daily exercise.
Second floor TFDL on the bean bag chairs — what do you mean they don’t have classes there?
The social sciences basement. And preferably a late-night class — I love recreating classic horror movie scenes.

What do you do to unwind?

The gym. I lift, although you could probably already tell.
I don’t have free time. Every second of my life is planned.
I practically live at The Den.

What's your preferred method of studying?

Cramming the night before, which works about 25 per cent of the time.
Creating my own study sheets with cue cards of important key concepts.
… studying?

What's your "I give up on life" choice of outfit?

Comfortable pants paired with a basic top. Top it off with a simple but stylish jacket and white sneakers.
Last week’s clothes.
The University of Calgary’s official onesie.

Which option should you take?

You Got:


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