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Wildrose on Campus president resigns before impeachment hearing

By Scott Strasser, September 8 2016 —

University of Calgary Wildrose on Campus club president Jenn Galandy has resigned from her role, six days before an impeachment hearing was scheduled to see if she would hold onto the position.

WROC members Henry Lung and Phil Dippenaar submitted an official motion on August 26 to have Galandy impeached, citing four reasons they felt she should be removed as president.

“Galandy has proven herself utterly incapable of executing the expectations of the office she holds and has been remiss in her duties,” reads their motion. “Galandy does not represent the values that Wildrose youth hold.”

Galandy officially resigned on September 6. The impeachment hearing was scheduled to take place September 12.

Clubs fall under Students’ Union vice-president student life Patrick Ma’s portfolio. He said that to the best of his knowledge, there has never been an official SU club impeachment.

“Our records go back 10 years,” he said. “We don’t mandate clubs to report to us as to why the leadership of their club is changing over, only whether it has or not.”

Following Galandy’s resignation, the WROC executive elected Ben Robinson to take her place as president. Robinson was formerly the club’s vice-president.

“I thank Ms. Galandy for her contributions to the Wildrose on Campus and I look forward to building upon what we have accomplished,” Robinson said.

Galandy said her resignation had nothing to do with the impeachment motion. She said she was offered a position from the Wildrose Party as provincial youth coordinator, which she confirmed with party leader Brian Jean on August 24.

“Of the 150 memberships sold last weekend, I sold 116 of them. At the hearing, there needs to be a two-thirds vote to impeach, so there is no chance an impeachment could have happened,” Galandy said. “I was already planning to resign with the club before the school year started, but was waiting until the Wildrose executive director let everyone on his team know about my new position.”

In response to the impeachment motion, Galandy said she was singled out unfairly and that allegations against her were vague.

“Slander and disruption is an old and failed approach to politics and it is not the part of the Wildrose culture. Wildrose is about the empowerment of grassroots individuals, including young women, for the greater good of Alberta,” she said.

WROC was founded in November 2013 and has 160 members. The club promotes Wildrose Party values at the U of C.


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